July 21, 2017

July 8, 2017

  • 1) New Annual Conference officers are consecrated 2) Mission and Ministry Board approves 2018 budget parameter, among other business 3) Congregational Life Ministries gives Intercultural Award, welcomes new members of Open Roof Fellowship 4) Minister’s Association hears from Lillian Daniel, discusses relating to ‘Nones’ 5) Bethany and Brethren Academy luncheon senses ‘Spirit Moving’ 6) Brethren Revival Fellowship dinner, insight session address inspiring questions 7) Insight session tells the...
  • In this issue: Remembrances, job openings, new fellowships and congregations, listening sessions in Michigan District, donations for Annual Conference webcasts, Snapchat views of Conference, Nigeria briefing for legislators, children’s books for Flint, WCC appeal against escalation on the Korean peninsula.
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