July 8, 2014

  • ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2014: 1) Revision to Ministerial Leadership polity is adopted by Annual Conference. 2) Revision of 1996 Ethics for Congregations paper is approved by the delegates. 3) Query on Climate Change is returned, Conference declares the church is not of one mind on the issue. 4) Resolution supports Nigerian Brethren, invites worldwide community of Brethren to a week of fasting and prayer. 5) Delegates maintain current structure of Mission and Ministry Board; defer to 2015 other...
  • Bits and pieces of the action at the 2014 Annual Conference including statistics on attendance, the Witness to the Host City, BBT's Fitness Challenge, honors and awards, 50th anniversary of "Middle Man," and more.

July 6, 2014

July 5, 2014

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